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Make fun of your boss jokes workers

Make fun of your boss jokes workers

make fun of your boss jokes workers
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I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling this, too. I look in the mirror and I see nothing wrong with me. And I'm choosing to be there I definitely have a bad temper and I will never forget the time I was just able to laugh my ass off at a situation that would usually cause me to flip my shit. The thing is, for whatever reason, hearing this news devasted me.

When she told me, my stomach dropped. I thought I was being talked about at work; I just happened to be a developer so I wrote a Phone App to listen to what others said about me when I was out of the room: Why would this woman spread this to you? But when people treat me badly, I feel like it's because I'm broken in every way. THIS GUY IS CRAZY! I recalled all of the incidents where I never seemed to fit in, where people made fun of me being my back or to my face.

Please do not post anything that would be anxiety-inducing to members of the community. She really dealt a blow to me, the girl who told me. Adults are just as bad. How did you switch your anxiety off? Normal everything Medication Relaxing Helpful Tips Progress! Just think how things could be worse: I'm not sure when it happened in my life, but the best thing to ever happen to me was when I finally after many years of anxiety over what people thought of me determined that I didn't give a damn what anyone thought of me.

I think I need to bring myself up somehow. I have the same thought process! It's really sad to me because I wouldn't have needed a second job if I got enough hours at the hospital. I've tried figuring out why. You sound like a good person -- only allow those that are of similar stature to enter into your "inner circle".

I hope you know you're not alone. Her friends seem to carry a similar attitude. Once they're aware that you worker what they say not to mention how they're too afraid to say it to your face I think they may back down. At least you're more likely to gain support and can have higher-ups like teachers backing you. Some people just need to trample on others in order to elevate themselves in their mind.

Certain people are holding me back because I allow them and it can't change until I re-wire my thinking! I just need to know I am not alone in the isolation. She'll leave due to the season ending but I'll have to bare her crap.

This has zero to do with you, and everything to do with losers who have to put down other people to try to elevate themselves. It's just not worth the effort and heck, if they do it to someone else, I couldn't just stand there and watch it! She flirts, talks, whines And one of the workers is a flirty 30 year old who GOES AND GETS HER FOOD when she asks him to and eats while talking with customers. Coloring Downloads Free, printable coloring pages via our new Imgur galleries.

I know some of them and I've been told about their bullying as well, although they hadn't directed it at me. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy.


Communicate in the bare minimum to get your work done, and focus on people who deserve your attention and time. It reflects badly on them, and has nothing to do with you. I am a good person who tries to treat everyone as I would like to be treated. Co-Workers making fun of me behind my back I just don't know how to not be a target.

All art, poetry, etc should be attributed to it's original author. My anxiety is difficult enough without bad people cranking it higher! I just feel broken. I simply don't make time for them. Getting Help - information on where to turn and what to do yours boss you've decided you want to get help.

It just sucks that Im stuck with her for a few more makes fun. While everyone is entitled to their beliefs, we will not accept attempts to pressure others or hijack the subreddit's conversation.

But that's what happens when you suffer from anxiety and you had been bullied before. My anxiety makes me a good target And I just take it, because shes not there forever.

make fun of your boss jokes workers

It was such a good feeling. Ignore everyone and work. But as many people in this thread have said, this often reflects more about the other person. There are so many better things to worry about than picking apart a coworker for no reason. I truly enjoyed her company and thought we could be friends.

Co-workers Pick on You

I understand the feeling, and it's not a good feeling to have at all. I know I have friends who appreciate me I just wish they were around to help. I'm not sure how putting down others behind their backs brings a feeling of gratitude, but it's really just very immature.

I'm feeling optimistic tonight. It was going amazingly until she suddenly pushes me away. I know this is a LOT easier said than done, but give it your best try! If anything, she should be embarrassed, not you, for acting so childish and inappropriately. And most of us have made other people targets and have made fun of jokes workers because of our own shortcomings. She was known to be brutally blunt, and because she was so nice to me to my face, I thought she was being sincerely friendly with me.

I'm sure that these particular people are not well-liked among others, even though they may not voice it. Started dating a girl who has Anxiety. Then it won't make them feel good to do it anymore.

Reality isn't always joke workers to go the way I think it should, and it's not always joke workers to be fair. Looking at my life now, I have no one in my life that I don't think are good people. If they are jerks, they are cut out.

This one girl who makes fun of me is in my opinionan awful individual, but there's no way she's going to stop. Screw what crappy people think! But I think she thought I would take it with a grain of salt I am feeling better. It makes them feel better about themselves or offers some twisted feeling of empowerment. I remember, before, I used to think I could win these people over by being nice to them. Log in or sign up in seconds.

It's hard to do, I know, but please try to see things as they really are; there's nothing wrong with you.

One thing I would advise -- don't try to "win over" jerks like this. Then inadvertently it was revealed she didn't think that highly of me. Eccentric, happy to sell. I'm going to try and think of all of the support from here and my friends as well as family tomorrow.

But I can see why I'mgood at being made fun of for. Your browser is out of date. No memes or image macros - all such post will be re-directed to our image mega-thread. She told me that there were two yours boss jokes members one who is gone due to off-seasonwho would make fun of me behind my back.

And if someone wants to be a jerk and talk yours boss me behind my back?

make fun of your boss jokes workers

If you weren't there they would be making fun of someone esle. You sound like a good person, and THAT is what is important, not what some jackass thinks of you. Honestly, laugh at them. I never feel that need to smack someone down.

I'm trying to re-work my thought process, but I'll need to be making far more of an effort. Relevance All posts must be related to anxiety or anxiety disorders if you're unsure please message the mods.

It's difficult to not dwell, despite knowing otherwise. Once I'd accepted that, I could be more worker of the work dynamic and just people in general. But I'm hoping coming to reddit could start a little bit of healing for myself, and help me progress. Ironically, this type of behavior doesn't have anything to do with you, but with these two individuals. I know how you feel, honestly. Comedy Central The Daily Show Tosh. We had been talking about things that had happened; earlier this year, she had been the target of some bullying - and I had been in the background, not supporting it but not helping it either.

There is nothing wrong with you. It's the only viable option, you are correct!

make fun of your boss jokes workers

High school is joke workers, and in adult society it's not acceptable to gossip or be rude. I'm trying to not "win" anyone over who doesn't deserve it. I was distraught for a while, wondering how I could have been so misled. I've been off for two days but she's in tomorrow with me. I like to think it was genuine, but I am cautious. One is a joke workers old who I am not surprised about in the slightest, but the other was one I wasn't expecting.

He says to the waiter, "Me want coffee". I've had people make fun of me over the years. I work very very hard and am a friendly and genuinely caring person. I remember in high school just living my life, doing my own thing, and apparently that was strange somehow because while people never made fun of me to my face, they definitely talked about me when they thought I wasn't listening.

Or your thought process? If I confront her and she KNOWS it's bothering me, it may get worse. I had considered this, too. Thankfully, she's usually not around! I don't participate in rumors. If you ever need to talk, feel free to pm me! The whole time I spent reading this I questioned if I posted this without realizing it I am 21, working at a local hospital, and found out coworkers had talked badly about me behind my back because I had gotten a second job.

Easier said than done, though. There's not much to be done because this is how this horrible company operates, I kid you not! But sometimes I feel like I am. After I had made this post I was still distracted, I had to close cash trays and I messed up. You are right they would be attacking another.

make fun of your boss jokes workers

I was speaking with a fellow co-worker today while bored work is quite slowand we admitted a lot of sad stuff to each other about this work place. I can't work in the dark. I do have a wonderful long-term boyfriend and I have close friends.

I know I'll secretly be hating her while tolerating her but at least I have a little control. I know this isn't an isolated thing and it will continue to happen. We have all been there. Now that you see their joke workers colors, you know who to avoid.

This is an archived post. Variety is the spice of life, right? I completely understand if this sounds like something that you'd be uncomfortable doing, but have you thought about confronting them? Don't feel down about yourself, I'm sure others look at you and see such a wonderful make fun. I'm 25 years old and suffer from high anxiety.

I know that the 22 year old is insecure and I am angry. I have zero confidence. It just seeks unfair. There will always be someone who doesn't like me, someone who thinks I'm weird, who thinks I should change something about myself or do something differently. I'm trying to breathe lol. But I should just laugh. List of Crisis Hotlines Having an attack? Don't question YOUR self-worth and your feelings about yourself just because some dumbass does.

I'ma little eccentric but generally a hard worker. I was trying to ignore it. How do I stop worrying so much? For some reason, some people like to make others feel terrible. If anything, I've learned that high school simply does not end after make fun school. So I guess I had sort of knew Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

But most people that make fun of others have their own insecurities too, and the best way to overcome them making fun of you is to not give a fuck! Anxiety submitted 2 years ago by bloodrein.

It's yours boss causing my life to be more difficult than it is. I know that some may argue that she shouldn't have told me, but I honestly appreciate it. We have all been targets. You won't be able to vote or comment. It's equally awful that these people can have this much control over our own feelings! I never seem to fit in either. If not, that's joke workers confirmation of what a terrible joke workers they are.

I would question her motives as she may be a person who likes high drama. I just hadn't thought about it.

The people that matter are the ones who look at you in all your weird glory and trust me, everyone's weird in their own ways and say "You.

Where do these worker get off?? I admitted that I should have done more but I suppose I hadn't seen it myself. I don't recall ever making fun of this one co-worker "yours boss," or being mean to him. Grandstanding This is not the place to promote an ideology or platform. That there are other people who try, and fail, and end up being targets. Some Perspective would be helpful. I just want to be who I am. Does anyone else have anxiety that mostly relates to their relationship?


This means they are really insecure deep inside. Attribution All art, poetry, etc should be attributed to it's original author. Discord option available for chat!!!! But I knew of her. If you are original author please see our rules on self promotion.

I heard her mocking a coworkers accent the other day! I wish I could tell you specifically, but I remember one day just suddenly being like, screw it, I'm a decent person, and if they don't like that, it's no one I want to be associated with, anyway. And anyone who is out of high school and still making fun of others needs to really reevaluate their life. I knew somebody like this at work. I also recall coworkers venting because she had mocked an entire section.

I feel like I've never been able to fit in. I feel like people misunderstand me My life starts to come together then I hear something like this and I'm crippled with anxiety. But I let these bad groups of people get me down.

That speaks to their lack of decency, not make fun. I know I'm not the centre of the universe. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. The CEO of a large company was walking to the cafeteria along with two of his secretaries.

Best of luck -- you can handle this. I think she was trying to do me an assumed favor; I agree, it's not the right way to go about it, but that's the worker time I think she's ever really been involved.

And while I do see some people being made fun of, I just I try to be nice. It must have worked for her before. These few individuals who don't see it obviously have some issues of their own that they need to work on. I had no idea. I have many reasons to be happy. People are different, everyone is unique, and some people just can't accept that that's a good thing. It bothered me for a while, but eventually I realized that no matter what I do I'll never be able to please everyone.

You're eccentric and happy and a wonderful person, and if someone wants to make fun of you for that It's almost sad, how negative that is.


I always try to please. Sometimes, I feel ugly, but when I look at pictures I feel like I'm very cute and normal. As an adult, I find myself in a pretty bad work place my choicewith limited, seemingly unfair options. If anything, it's actually worse. I want tp fight back but I still care about opinions. But now I'm upset and sore. Need to reach out but unsure and anxious? You have good friends -- give your kindness to them, make fun, not to jerks.

I have a ferocious temper and its landed me in trouble more then it should, in work and out of work, now, now I just laugh at them until they ask why If you do, remember, she's the one who's socially out of line here.

And knowing that I'm not alone is very comforting, I knew it before, but I just needed to read it, I guess.